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Hey Im brand new to PCs and I was looking for a good prebuilt *because I know the situation with the scalpers* around in the $1000 range mainly to run cod nicely and maybe start hosting modded lobbies to make some money back. I was also thinking of also getting tan alienware monitor that is capable of 240herts. (I don't really know that a $1000 pc will reach that high but I was hoping to find a prebuilt that could handle like 144) (also if u think it's stupid to get that monitor lmk) Keep in mind I am upgrading from just the Xbox one with a ok acer monitor. If you guys have any recommendations i would really appreciate it.

PS. I was looking into getting the IBuyPower Element 9260. The specs are-
Power Supply-Channel Well Technology 500W 80+Bronze rated PSU
Cpu: Intel i7-9700F (3.0Ghz - 4.7Ghz)
Motherboard: ASUS TUF B365M
Cooler :Deep Cool 92mm CPU Cooler
Memory: 16GB [8GB x 2] DDR4-2666MHz Apacer
Primary Solid State Drive 240GB Apacer SSD
Backup Hard Drive: 1TB Western Digital SATA III
Graphics: MSI VENTUS GeForce GTX 1660 Ti - 6GB
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home Advanced 64 Bit
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