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So I set a budget of around £500. I spent a little extra due to the 1080 GPU.
It is nothing special, but thanks to 21, Craig, Adam, Sean, Brandon with some advice/help and a "solid first build"

Big thanks to 21 for the part list though. Appreciate the time you took out of your day to help me out.

Here it is.

In time I will upgrade the CPU as advised. For now it will do.

PC = More time to TTG as I mainly use mobile

This was my first ever attempt at a build. I think I did a pretty good job apart from a few times where Craig said "no not there lol 1 & 3" for the RAM. But ayy, I made it in the end haha. All I have left now is the wiring. Which will be done shortly.

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looking good
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That's awesome!! It sounds like you had all the really smart PC people to help you, so there's no doubt in my mind this is indeed a really "solid first build." It looks sweet man. You'll have to update us when you get it all done. Looking forward to seeing you around more then too ;-D
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Cant wait to see it loading up ttg! Pretty sweet!
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That's awesome dude finally the PC gods moved you from the console world to the PCMR side of things. You'll enjoy it Jay now we can play Rust together.

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That's a pretty good build for a first one. Congratulations!
I recently built my own pc as well after deciding to refund a prebuilt into building my own.
Congrats once again
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Thats a pretty sick build, looking good
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