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I'm getting all 4 of my Wisdom teeth removed in 10 hours fml
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MrParker wroteI'm getting all 4 of my Wisdom teeth removed in 10 hours fml

Do you want to remove all four at once? You will probably not be able to eat anything.
I had my wisdom teeth removed in two parts, one on the top and one on the bottom. I remember that it was still very inconvenient
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With you getting all 4 removed. I highly recommend stocking up on some soft and liquid foods. It's going to be a pain to eat anything solid for a couple days.
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I've had all 4 of mine removed at the same time. I ate mash potatoes and ice cream for about a month then I would eat different solid foods that I felt comfortable with.
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Lmao , Hide
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Can't stand the dentist
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When I got mine removed it didn't hurt at all. Had all four removed, never took any medication, and ate solid foods a few days after. Just avoid straws!
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2hours away, bet those nerves are kicking in! you'll be fine bro, gl
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I have to get two of mine removed soon too. Rip. Avoiding it at all costs over here. Good luck brotha
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Had all 4 of mine removed at once. Pain meds wore off before I left the building... I pray that doesn't happen to you.

Anyway it was fine I ate chicken and rice a couple days after once the holes kinda closed and my god it was the first real food i'd eaten in days and it was amazing.

Note 2: Don't use a straw for the love of god.
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