IntroductionGoals For 2021 - REP, POSTING, SBPosted:

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Trying to become more active,

1000 Rep (my current rep represents inactivity for 10 years )
Post daily, helping others where possible (mostly vehicle discussion and PC)
Get in the SB on the regular


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These are great goals! I'll send you some rep for making this post and to help you along to 1k:). If you hang out in the shoutbox you'll gain rep, be active, and can help others. I'll look forward to seeing you around in the PC and vehicle forums!
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Some quality goals there! Keep at it and I am sure you will achieve them
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How to see you reach all your goals this year and wish you the best 2021.

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Congrats bro have some more REP
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Look forward to seeing you around the forums. Good luck with you goals.
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Sounds good bro hope to see you around
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Sounds like a plan. Also @Boss and others will be doing a gold drop on the 15th so hop in the shoutbox to earn some gold and rep.
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Good luck with your goals buddy
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Good luck buddy
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