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Can anyone one help as to what pc\laptop would be best to use for call of duty which will allow me to host modded lobbies?
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lol goodluck.
a pc for JUST cod lobbies will run you at least 500+
COD's a pretty demanding game
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Probably a higher end Nitro laptop could do it.
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One. Wrong forum section. PC Building is what you're looking for.

Two. You want to host CoD lobbies that are modded? For... PC? Or do you think you need to host via PC to a console to do this?

Three, so long as the integrated graphics in the CPU can handle it, you oughta be able to do that just fine but your fps even at the lowest settings will be probably in the single digits.

Four. What exactly are you trying to do with this PC, why, and what is your budget range at best for and where does it top off at, meaning can you work to amount of x, and anything even taxes pass amount of z is too much?
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I got the acrer nitro 5 and it's fire , when hosting with a full lobby I get no lag at all and have hosted 6 hour lobbies with no interruptions at all this laptop is amazing I have all stock parts as well for a price tag of 799.99 here's a secret though , if you apply for Best Buy credit or the progressive leasing option they have you can pay 80$ down and then have the laptop pay off itself from modded lobby money !
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