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Was closing in on 200 rep and close to hitting my goal. Now I'm here posting a milestone for 300+ rep. With me now being back active, hopefully it doesn't take me forever to post another rep milestone. I think my goal now is to try and hit 1K by the end of the year.

Huge thanks to Chris and have to mention Petite, TTG, Seshavelli, Steen, Wrxith and can't forget the SB Rep Fairy for the initial push towards 200. There's others I can't remember nor can I check as my recent received rep is flooded by Chris.

The Following 10 Users Say Thank You to EG6 For This Useful Post:

21 (01-14-2021), Wrxith (01-13-2021), MrParker (01-12-2021), Tasty (01-11-2021), Eh-Cam (01-11-2021), Steeen (01-11-2021), Ambien (01-11-2021), TOXIC (01-11-2021), UnknownKnight (01-11-2021), Xbox (01-11-2021)
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good shit king, keep it up! give u some extra
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Congratulations on 300 rep lad
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Congrats bro
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Congratulations brother
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Congrats on the rep! I went ahead and gave you some more.
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Congrats on 300 rep! You can push 1K you got it!
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Gave you a few more repsss! Congrats man!
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Congrats!!! Well deserved man:) 300 looks good and I know you'll just keep climbing. Always love seeing you around

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  • E3 2018
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Congratz on the 300 Rep, Ill hopefully be at my 100 rep milestone soon!!
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