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What's the best call of duty that's been modded in your opinion?
I'd probably go with MW2, For the pure fact that you could play the modded "zombies" (Michael Myers) back in the day.
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I would say MW2 too
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nothing will beat the MW2 days, staying up until 1-2am sending private chat invites to get into 10th lobbies. Still remember one time where i got a free co-host, the golden days for me
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Cod4 without a doubt. Everything you could do in MW2 you could do in Cod4 only you could break the game more and get more creative than MW2. It's where basically everything began if you don't count the small basic mods in cods prior. There were also so many more variations of mod menus and different creators every week (not to mention mostly free)
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I'd say MW2 by a mile ,
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MW2 was my first COD. It was Christmas 2012 waking up I was 13 and my brother and I open all our gifts and at the very end I saw this big box inside was an Xbox 360, 12 Months Online and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, I played it for years and years and the modding in that game was unbeatable.
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I'd also say mw2, but specifically pre TU7 modding, before dll modding became the only way to accomplish in-game mods. Nothing will beat the experience of getting into a K Brizzle final tree patch lobby in my opinion. I know COD 4 has similar menus even to this day, but something about mw2 just always felt different. RIP TU6 and console modding.
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MW2 by far or Black Ops 1. Tbh it was the only thing that made me enjoy the game as a kid.
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