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below is a list of offsets and addresses that you can use to make your own toool for cold war. these are for the current update all creadit goes to MisterY, BedTheGod, DerBoY98, JayKoZa2015

// Bases [Gameversion: Only works as HOST/Lobby-Leader
public UInt64 PlayerBase = 0xFD6B7C8;
public UInt64 ZMXPScaleBase = 0x0; // * Contact me via PM if needed! To keep them Save * Offsets to Multipliers are written below.
public UInt64 TimeScaleBase = 0xEE39BF8 + 0x7C;
public UInt64 CMDBufferBase = 0x116D1548 + 0x50418; // there are much more stuff at this Base ;-)! The Offset was stable for about 3 patches so this reagion is a BIG one with many things have fun!

// Cache Addresses from PlayerBase (more at yourthread-code)
public UInt64 PlayerCompPtr, PlayerPedPtr, ZMGlobalBase, ZMBotBase, ZMBotListBase; // Used to Cache the Pointers at the PlayerBase by his Offsets (more infos at the yourthread() script)

// Offsets
// PlayerCompPtr - Offsets
public int PC_ArraySize_Offset = 0xB830; // Size of Array between Players Data [IDK if it got changed with 1.7.1 if it got changed, please post the new Offset, i will update them here. dont have the time to check it self]
public int PC_CurrentUsedWeaponID = 0x28; // Shows Current Used WeaponID (this are only Readable IDs, so change is not working with them on me)
public int PC_SetWeaponID = 0xB0; // +(1-5 * 0x40 for WP2 to WP6) Can be used to change a WeaponID correctly from ID 1-300 (! info !, some IDs can result in GameCrashes!).
public int PC_InfraredVision = 0xE66; // (byte) On=0x10|Off=0x0
public int PC_GodMode = 0xE67; // (byte) On=0xA0|Off=0x20
public int PC_RapidFire1 = 0xE6C; // Freeze to 0 how long you press Left Mouse-Key or Reloading and other stuff is not working.
public int PC_RapidFire2 = 0xE80; // Freeze to 0 how long you press Left Mouse-Key or Reloading and other stuff is not working.
public int PC_MaxAmmo = 0x1360; // +(1-5 * 0x8 for WP1 to WP6) (WP0 Mostly used in MP, ZM first WP is WP1 | WP3-6 Mostly used for Granades and Special) The Game assign the next Free WP Slot so WP1 is MainWeapon, you get a granade, then WP2 is the Granade, you buy a Weapon from wall then this is WP3 and so on..
public int PC_Ammo = 0x13D4; // +(1-5 * 0x4 for WP1 to WP6) (WP0 Mostly used in MP, ZM first WP is WP1 | WP3-6 Mostly used for Granades and Special)
public int PC_Points = 0x5CE4; // ZM Points / Money
public int PC_Name = 0x5BDA; // Playername
public int PC_RunSpeed = 0x5C30; // (float)
public int PC_ClanTags = 0x605C; // Player Clan/Crew-Tag

// PlayerPedPtr - Offsets
public int PP_ArraySize_Offset = 0x5F8; // ArraySize to next Player.
public int PP_Health = 0x398;
public int PP_MaxHealth = 0x39C; // Max Health dont increase by using Perk Juggernog
public int PP_Coords = 0x2D4; // Vector3
public int PP_Heading_Z = 0x34; // float
public int PP_Heading_XY = 0x38; // float | can be used to TP Zombies in front of you by your Heading Position and Forward Distance.

// ZMGlobalBase - Offsets
// The Move Offset got removed with Patch 1.6.0 so Move Offset is no longer needed! Use 0x0 if you have add this Offset to your code... OLD: public int ZM_Global_MovedOffset = 0x2F20; // Since 1.5.0 The data got moved by this Offset so ZM_Global_MovedOffset + ZM_Global_ZombiesIgnoreAll is the corretly Offset to ZombiesIgnoreAll
public int ZM_Global_ZombiesIgnoreAll = 0x14; // Zombies Ignore any Player in the Lobby.
public int ZM_Global_ZMLeftCount = 0x3C; // Zombies Left

// ZMBotBase - Offsets
public int ZM_Bot_List_Offset = 0x8; // Offset to Pointer at ZMBotBase + 0x8 -> ZMBotListBase

// ZMBotListBase - Offsets
public int ZM_Bot_ArraySize_Offset = 0x5F8; // ArraySize to next Zombie.
public int ZM_Bot_Health = 0x398;
public int ZM_Bot_MaxHealth = 0x39C;
public int ZM_Bot_Coords = 0x2D4; // Cam be used to Teleport all Zombies in front of any Player with a Heading Variable from the Players.

// ZMXPScaleBase - Offsets (All Offsets add to Base Address == ZMXPScaleBase + XPEP_Offset as example)
public int XPEP_InGame_Offset = 0x20; // Use 0x28 too for Real Added XP not only Visible InGame, 0x20 only shows InGame. 0x28 Add it really! So Combine 0x20 and 0x28 with same Values.
public int XPUNK01_Offset = 0x24; // K/A Modifier
public int XPEP_RealAdd_Offset = 0x28; // 0x28 Add it really! Use 0x20 for the InGame Visibility. So Combine 0x20 and 0x28 with same Values.
public int XPUNK03_Offset = 0x2c; // K/A Modifier
public int XPGun_Offset = 0x30; // works like it is, 1.00f == Normal, 2.00f == x2 etc...
public int XPUNK04_Offset = 0x34; // K/A Modifier
public int XPUNK05_Offset = 0x38; // K/A Modifier
public int XPUNK06_Offset = 0x3c; // K/A Modifier
public int XPUNK07_Offset = 0x40; // currently it is 0.00f idk what id do.
public int XPUNK08_Offset = 0x44; // K/A Modifier
public int XPUNK09_Offset = 0x48; // K/A Modifier
public int XPUNK10_Offset = 0x4C; // K/A Modifier

// CMDBufferBase - Offsets
public int CMDBB_Exec = -0x1B

// Thread to update Bases
if (PlayerCompPtr != await ReadMemory<UInt64>(PlayerBase))
PlayerCompPtr = await ReadMemory<UInt64>(PlayerBase);

if (PlayerPedPtr != await ReadMemory<UInt64>(PlayerBase + 0x8))
PlayerPedPtr = await ReadMemory<UInt64>(PlayerBase + 0x8);

if (ZMGlobalBase != await ReadMemory<UInt64>(PlayerBase + 0x60))
ZMGlobalBase = await ReadMemory<UInt64>(PlayerBase + 0x60);

if (ZMBotBase != await ReadMemory<UInt64>(PlayerBase + 0x68))
ZMBotBase = await ReadMemory<UInt64>(PlayerBase + 0x68);

if (ZMBotBase != 0x0 ZMBotBase != 0x68 && ZMBotListBase != await ReadMemory<UInt64>(ZMBotBase + (uint)ZM_Bot_List_Offset))
ZMBotListBase = await ReadMemory<UInt64>(ZMBotBase + (uint)ZM_Bot_List_Offset);
With the stuff about, you can make the following:

- God Mode & Rapid Fire
- Freeze (or heal near death) Life for all Players.
- Freeze (or increase near empty) Ammo for all Players.
- Set Zombies Health to 1 (Instakill).
- TP You (and other players) to locations you want.
- TP All Zombies to a Location you want.
- Set Random Perk Drops to ANY Zombie (or define only MaxAmmo-drop on any Zombie).
- Increase Zombies Cash/Points.
- Zombies Ignore All Players.
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