RunescapeOld-school Runescape or RS3 and WHY? Posted:

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What mode do you prefer and why is that so?
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Old School, will always have a place in my heart. The evolution of combat update was a nail in the coffin and completely killed the "main game" for me personally.

I would love to be able to play old school 12 hours a day again and living for the grind but sadly I've had to grow up..:-(
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Same the nostalgia is real dude... I dont want to play for an hour and log off, i want to play for 5-6-7-8-9 hours with my buddies, thanks to the pandemic i have that chance for now but after its back to grinding real life and that sucks...bad
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I prefer Old School RuneScape just because that's what I'm more accustomed to and have many many hours. (8000+)

RS3 isn't that bad either besides the horrendous amount of microtransactions. I like to think that RS3 is Jagex's attempt at a modern MMORPG like WoW. I find the combat fun too but I will always prefer Old School.

As much as I love OSRS I don't grind it as hard as I used to especially since I maxed my account. I mainly just AFK stuff if I can.
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Hey bud, yeah totally agree, im used to the simplicity of osrs, the new one gives me anxiety just looking at the screen and trying to figure out wtf to do.

only con about old school, i miss the god damn rest button -_-
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I prefer OSRS mostly for the combat and the armor design, RS3 when it got EOC kind of ruined it for me and the armor upgrade as well to make everything look different. I enjoy both but OSRS is better in my opinion.
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not played since EOC but working towards maxing on osrs. Heard good things about rs3 ironman recently
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They both have a certain charm, OSRS allows me to achieve goals i didn't as a kid because i didn't know anything besides hit tree with axe and PK in West Varrock with friends after school.

As for rs3, its super in depth and bossing feels like bossing if that makes any sense, 07 is just prayer flicking at the right moment and switching gear while rs3 has certain combos/food/summoning/special abilities and so on and the storyline is way past 07 (while guthix sleeps was a banger of a quest when i last played)

Both have downsides like the major clutter issue in Rs3. When picked up the game about 3-4 years after EOC i was completely lost and had to look up simple things like how to change from getting defense exp to strength exp. The dailies on that game is outrageous and can take almost half of your day.

07's issues isn't the game but the community. Constant things getting denied into the game that can help with the inflation of the eco and make actual old school bosses profitable again. Nowadays its just: Zulrah/Vorkath/Raids 1&2/hydra, Nothing else feels as profitable as those bosses which is a shame because i enjoy team bosses like bandos but i guess the nightmare has that type of feel though.
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