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Am I the only one that feels like we need a new game to mod/host? All you see on here now is Cold War lobbies, GTA V every once in awhile, and Borderlands. Not including other stickies because most are PC only or paid only. I feel like we need some variety. With all the minds on this website?! C'mon. There has to be a way to get online with mods on more games, just no one has figured it out. What games would even be popular besides what's currently trending though? Destiny? FIFA/2k? Rocket League? Idk man

Let me know what you guys think cause I'm bored af. At least when Cod4 was big on here, we had so many other games going hard. World at War, MW2, MW3, BO2, GTA, and plenty of others. We still have them, they're just not poppin' like they used to be
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