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What maps from older Black ops games would you like to see remade into Cold War?
I'd love to see Standoff and Hijacked. Two of the best maps ever made. Oh, and cannot forget about Firing Range. So good.

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Can we have zombies maps?

I'd love to have Die Rise back I miss the roof tops
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Die rise and buried
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As far as multiplayer goes, would love to see Hanoi, Havana, Launch, Radiation and Villa from BO1. From BO2 It'd Be cool if Express, Meltdown, Plaza, Slums, Standoff & Yemen brought back.

On the zombies side of things I'd love to see maps return in there entirety unchanged. The likes of the original Nacht Dee Untoten, Der Riese (as much as it's in BO3 Chronicles), Five, Ascension, Call of The Dead, Moon, Die Rise, Mob of The Dead, Buried, Origins, Gorod Krovi, Zetsubou No Shima, Der Eisendrache. I realise at this point I'm pretty much just listing all the maps, I'd pretty much love to just see all the old maps return with the exclusion of the Dead Ops Arcade maps.
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