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Finally made it to 2k rep it took so long haha made it to 8k posts too havent really been keeping track thanks to everyone that repped me.

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Xbox (01-10-2021), MrParker (01-09-2021), Ambien (01-09-2021), Tasty (01-09-2021), TOXIC (01-09-2021), CalicoReidso (01-08-2021), Lia (01-04-2021), Wrxith (01-04-2021), CtrlAltDelete (01-04-2021)
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Congrats on the achievements mate.
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big rep

big boi
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Congrats bro!
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Congrats on 8k posts and 2k rep! I have given you +50 rep points to add to all of that rep :3
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Congrats on 8k posts and 2k rep
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Congrats on the 8K rep and your 2K posts!
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Thats alot of posts man, keep it up.
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Congrats man <3 well deserved and much love! Let's play RL again soon:)
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Congrats on the rep and 8k posts! I went ahead and gave you some more rep.
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