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What're some weird food combinations that you find really good that someone else might find a bit odd?

I like ketchup on my eggs, and mustard on my mac and cheese.

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Dipping fries in a McDs milkshake, lots are grossed out by it, but honestly try it, it's nuts.
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pizza with ranch isn't as common as i thought
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Banana and brown sauce sandwiches
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Barbecue sauce on rice, preferably A1 or Sweet baby rays.
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Chocolate ice cream or any ice cream flavor with sauerkraut. It's a german thing.
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pineapple & pizza

ketchup w eggs plain
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Wendy's fries in the frosty! It's weird but tastes so damn good!
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TOXIC wroteDipping fries in a McDs milkshake, lots are grossed out by it, but honestly try it, it's nuts.
that combination is over looked to much it is literally fire af I love it!
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i used to put mustard with my scrambled eggs but i hate scrambled eggs now
but i pretty much put Tapato in everything i eat
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