GeneralWhat would your perfect night out be like?Posted:

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For me I love going to raves, or metal gigs and getting absolutely destroyed till I pass out. Ive always been a huge fan of getting into mosh pits, and even starting them lol, its just annoying in the UK most pits don't go down very well with security so i end up getting kicked out. Ive link a video to what id want my perfect night out to be.

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Chillin with the boys getting faded on a beach/field somewhere looking up at the stars
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Getting Some drinks, meeting some females, and getting turnt up. You know, the usual
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My perfect night I would go outside at 1a.m and there would be an announcement that the purge is active!
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A perfect night for me is when I have an opportunity to gather with my friends.
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I would rather a perfect night in all to myself
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