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I finally hit 1k Rep after 9 years of being on this site, Much love for Mortar for getting me here! Its really been a struggle being Active while having A little girl. Started this account when I was 16 years old LMAO I'm 25 now. THANKS everyone who has repped me in the past.

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Congrats bro!!
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Congratulations on the 1k, 9 years is pretty impressive also.
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congrats bro!!
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1k looks so good! I'm happy you got it, as I've always seen you around in the forums. Crazy how much has changed since you first joined! Congrats again <3
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Congrats on the 1k rep never to late bro stay active get them posts up!
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Congrats on that beautiful purple block
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Nice bro! Glad to see you still grinding
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Congrats bro! Hoping to be there myself soon
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