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Lobby Features:

Player Options:
God mode
Unlimited Points
Unlimited Ammo
Rapid Fire
Speed Hack
Always Critical

Lobby Options:
Teleport Zombies / Set Location
Insta Kill Zombies
Jump Height

Modified XP Options:
Only doing weapon XP, (Slider to x1000)

All you have to do is put your Activision ID down below or PM it to me & I will invite you as soon as a spot opens

I will limit these to 15 minutes a piece to try & get everyone in

Lobby Status: OFFLINE
I will bump the post when lobbies are back hope everyone enjoyed
open spoiler for game progress
1st game: DONE
2nd game: DONE
3rd game: DONE
4th game: DONE
5th game: DONE

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Check your PM's.
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activision id : MiniNinja#3236017 I need like 10 lvls on a gun and thats all lol it would be less than 2 mins id appreciate it
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Check PM! Thank you brother!!
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Hey thanks man check your PMs!!!!
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infinity#6275989 TYSM
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Inv from xbox my activision is invisible so add me with my gamertag... Check your dm ill send you info

Thanks so much for the invite

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Hey man, my activision is Colt45#5144591

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My activision is Jake2494 please send invite
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