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What is the creepiest and strangest
coincidence that happened with you or
someone you know?

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Although it's not the strangest one I've experience, this one kind of happened today.

Over the course of the last few months/years I've noticed my brother and I clear our throats, cough, and sniffle at the same exact time. I've been noticing it for some time now but have never mentioned it.

Today we coughed at the same exact time in the same exact way, and I just had to say it... "dude, do you notice this shit..."

He felt the exact same way and said he felt like it just might be in the others head, like how looking at someone yawn makes you yawn, but we both agreed that more than regularly it actually doesn't feel like that and is actually timed at the exact same moment.
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There is a creepy old dude who live on my street. One time I seen him at Walmart when my mom was shopping. He looked at me and said "mmmmmmmmmm" with wide eyes. Still terrified to this day lol
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I agree with you.
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Doesn't happen frequently and I can't really give a specific example, but I would like "day-dream" of something happening and then later that day, or at some point what I was thinking of happens as I thought it would and you're just like damn Deja-Vu.
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I have crazy dreams and deju vu all the time
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I was driving through the city going one way on the highway so i ended up on one part of town and noticed this one truck and car going the opposite way. i only really paid attention to them because they were basically on totaled status. so, whatever, like 30 minutes go by and im back on the highway going the other way and here these two same cars going the opposite way again.
made me super convinced that we are in a simulation

oh another dumb one is whenever im playing apex and complain that i need something, it shows up half a second later. no joke.
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