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Americans have received a total of two stimulus checks now.

$1200 for the first round
$600 on the second round
$1800 Total
$1800/365 = $4.93

For $4.93 a day you can support an American for a year.

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So a gift of gold is worth more than an American...

This is old news, we knew that???
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I will gladly take $4.93/day from anyone who wants to support me.
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That ain't getting me a meal deal at Tesco let alone supporting an American.

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Adam wroteThat ain't getting me a meal deal at Tesco let alone supporting an American.


A man with your girth does require a big meal though?
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Trump is gonna keep pushing for that $2000, so maybe at least we can afford to grab a McChicken
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Us Americans are worth less than a gold membership on TTG lmfao
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