GeneralWhat is the worst gift you've ever received for your bday?Posted:

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The worst gift I've received was my friends forgetting my birthday lol

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I can't really think of one tbh, I mean I get stupid things like Lynx sets for Christmas which sucks but they're still handy things to get lol.

For my birthday though I can't think of anything that stands out.
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There was a year where we were struggling and I didn't get anything. I think the love of your friends and family being there means more then a gift!
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For my birthday the worst gift I have ever received was a gift card that didn't work and the store where it was purchased didn't activate it and when we took it back they wouldn't do anything about it.

The worst Christmas gift is ugly sweaters.
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What is the worst gift you've ever received for your bday?

Never happened (yet), but would be getting the same crap I would get on Xmas day

Getting Birthday card(s) with no money in it
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Can't think of a super bad gift! Maybe like socks or something lol
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Probably a pair of socks lol, I just don't get what the deal is with socks for Christmas smh.
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I got socks from someone lol I was like bruh what you tryna say
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Socks! The original sht gift lol
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