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I get on TTG every once in a blue moon but I log in today and see that I'm a 7 year member now. I remember creating my account specifically so I could leech in the Call of Duty modding forum for hours just to get a lobby lol. Cheers to the site admin for not deactivating my account for inactivity! Clutch as always! Happy Holidays everyone!

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We leave accounts alone for this reason pretty crazy when people login after so long
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wow welcome back bro
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LOL thats why i made a ttg before.
Welcome back!
If you havent already, i would post in the introduction form as well
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I think that's why most of us made our accounts lol
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back man, hope you stick around.
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That's funny now look at you , you should stick around though the site is really amazing hit up the sb knights
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Welcome back! Many others feel the same way. TTG is the best!
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Welcome back!
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