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Anyone? I own a turbowheel lightning aka zero 10x clone.
top speed is 40 mph
2 1000w motors
Has suspension too
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No but my friend does and it's kind of fun to take around the neighborhood to be honest!
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I do but it's nothing special just something to get me to point A to point B but it's a Gotrax scooter not the best but better then Jetsons scooters.
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Never thought about it.
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I don't but I've always wanted one.
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I don't, I see them all around my city though; smaller town, no license required (around here at least) so I could see the appeal for them!
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I don't but my friend has like 3 of them and he lets us ride them whenever and when we all go on vacation he brings them and we get to ride them all around, they're pretty fun but they only go to like 25-30 mph tops
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