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Hosting modded zombie lobbies.

Features in the lobby are:

  1. God Mode
  2. Unlimited Ammo
  3. Unlimited Money
  4. Speed Hack
  5. Give Weapon to you (for fast levelling up and camo grind)
  6. TP zombies to location
  7. High XP
  8. Timescale (if you want)
  9. Always Critical Hits

Max level and all guns will be achieved in like 20 or 30 minutes because i can give you all weapons in-game. I will still do a few vouches because i'm new here.

Max levelled guns: 15 euro
Certain character levels you need up: 10 euro
Max levelled guns & max level: 20 euro
I also do hourly lobbies.

Dark Aether unlock lobbies will take approx 10 minutes
I will be hosting 2 vouch lobbies for people who actually are worth believing on this website. My only requirement would be a vouch and proof, i will also host Dark Aether lobbies for 30 euro for a limited time only, after that the price will go up.

Vouch Lobby slots:

30 euro Dark Aether lobby slots:


Proof of hosting lobbies

Proof of Hard Unlocks

How to buy:

  1. Message me on TTG what you want and what your desires are
  2. Pay with the my approved payment methods
  3. Send me your Activision ID and get invited!

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Me and a mate can vouch bro if u get us in
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I vouch for this guy legit quick and easy good luck bro
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Vouching for this guy. Quick and efficient. Hit him up
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Vouch! very quick lobbies that are hosted better than most on this sub forum. Would recommend! About to buy another for a friend
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Back online hosting! lowered the dark aether lobby price.

Message me if interested.
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100% can vouch for this guy and his mate.

Communication was easy, explained everything to me clearly so no mistakes were made. I've spent all day in this lobby, no pressure he just insured that I was happy with the service that I'm receiving and honestly can't fault it in the slightest.

Spoke to a few stickied posts and others who are doing these lobbies and they were so expensive compared to these guys and were pretty rude considering how much they wanted.

Dont hesitate to purchase from these guys, you'll be a happy fella when they've finished what you require.

Thanks again for all your help and good luck with the rest of your sales bro!
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100% vouch for this dude, invited me quick and game went perfect
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i vouch for you if you get me in ,all ready level 1000 and max guns ,it so i can give the post a vouch
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