PC SupportWhich one of these 2 pc is best and why?Posted:

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Hello ttg I know I recently posted but I've narrowed down to 2 options please could someone say which is best and why? I want the pc to play cod cold war and gaming.

1) very.co.uk/pc-specialist-cypher-g...?Ntt=qmjpj

2) currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/pc-gamin...2-pdt.html
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The 2nd link is the better buy.

They both offer the same CPU, but the HP Omen has a RTX 2060 which uses newer architecture than the 1660 Super and will outperform it in almost every test.

It will play Cold War just fine at 1080p.
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Get that and then buy a 1tb HDD.
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Second link it'll work perfect for CoD CW + other FPS
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