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What did Santa get you all for Christmas??

I'm old so I got granda slippers and chocolates lol , which I am thrilled with btw

Let's hear some interesting items lol

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MrParker (01-01-2021)
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I got a new pc from my girlfriend and then Santa brought me a new dresser and a lot of clothes and some lovely bath bombs and shower utilities
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The Xbox Series X

Well happy i got that
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Lynx Africa
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Pair of tracky bottoms and a t-shirt/Jumper =)
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A baby bath bomb with a cute elephant inside
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Spencer wroteLynx Africa

Same bro, same
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I got a bunch of socks because that was about all I asked for. I also got a new radio for my car which has Apple CarPlay that I'm super stoked about
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Smellies (Lynx and aftershave), Socks and Y-Fronts

I get them every year for xmas and my birthday
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my girlfriend got me a bunch of clothes, new nike air force's and some detailing stuff to wash my cars,
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