GeneralOn a scale of 1-10 how Spicy do you like your food?Posted:

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Honestly for me i'd say 5..

Anything too hot just makes it feel like my Throat is closing up & i panic

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i like about a 5-8 depending on what i'm eating. chili i love hot, chips/beef jerky i love hot. but usually a 5 on everything else.
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Depends what it is but I don't like spicy food so I'll say between 1-2 hahaha
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Probably between a 7 and an 8 tbh.
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I like spicy so probably 7/8
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probs 7/10
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10/10 love the spice!
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I would say I like it at about an 8
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I love spicey food that much my stomach was riddled with ulcers and I had to go the hospital... spicey food is a must for me
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Definitely a 6-7 depending on what it is
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