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I recently finished my 1 year shift working nights and I had a mix of monster and coffee on the shift to give me energy.
Have you been in a similar position if you have what do you go to for energy

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MrParker (12-26-2020)
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For energy I drink Locozade sport nearly everyday, I start work at 2.00am so I wake up and down a bottle of that
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Red Bull/ if I don't have one. I like Monster
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Coffee for sure!
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I drink coffee never monster but trying to stop drinking coffee to be honest.
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I've been working nightshift coming up to 3 years now

Very rarely I would have a coffe to help me through the shift

I never needed energy drinks like Monster or Redbull
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Never been a coffee guy, but usually stick with ol' reliable red bull.
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Coffee all day everyday
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I can't wait to see Jay's opinion on this
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Not a big monster fan but the juiced ones are bomb
I drink coffee daily, so coffee
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