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People spend there whole life working up to a nice car trading in there old one.
I'm just wondering what you have now and or if your close to your goal

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I currently own a 2014 TDI Jetta. Love the car tons it's been super reliable so far. I have plans to keep it for a good while but in the meantime I wanna find a nice Honda S2000. One of my all time favorite cars and hopefully one day I'll own one I think they're super slick but they seem to be rising in price currently.
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I have a 2016 Shelby gt350 hoping to pick up a 2009 Shelby gt500 in the spring! Then I will need 3 more to complete my collection!
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I got a 2010 camaro and I love it first car I bought and payed for on my own eventually I would like to get a ZL1 Camaro
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Yes one day I would like to own a tesla.
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not close to my goal at all but im getting there.

Out of college i want to build a c6 ZR1 as a street car and then later on after i have a lot saved id like to get a 720s
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Got an 84 rx7 with a 13b. Was gonna build it to a brideport early next year but i think ill buy an MT07 instead.
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My goal is a 98 Buick Intrigue Completely Rebuilt with 0 miles
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Eventually a MK4 Supra..
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sG_Via wroteEventually a MK4 Supra..
yes that's what i want as well bro!!
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