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Watching my daughter open her presents today and the fact that she loves hey duggee made me think when I was a kid and how much I loved BeyBlade.
What was your favourite when you were a kid?

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I used to go crazy for some Yugioh cards. I forgot all about bey blades I had tons of those parts all over the place lol
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Pokemon cards, I remember getting to open a full booster box and the joy was running through me, it wasn't until earlier this year I wanted to kill myself for opening that box knowing how much it is worth.
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Yugioh cards or beyblades were dope as ****.
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It had to be power rangers for me i would skip school to watch them i used to collect them but them they kept on getting more n more generic so i stopped :/ but i know the feeling im bout to watch my 2 year old go crazy haha
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Watching my nephews open their gifts, i used to love opening dreamcast/ps1 games when i was younger
Getting super hyped to see crash bandicoot/twisted metal was the best feelings
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Bey blades. Used to get so jealous when my brother got loads for Xmas. Miss them
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Hot Wheels cars

I still have all of them since opening the first one
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Hot Wheels and Corgi cars
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Hot Wheels & Kendama
Forever a part of my childhood
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