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I hit 5k rep and noticed while drunk as titties, appreciate all of you and thanks for 5k rep!

Especially AK & Boss for dropping fat stacks this month in the SB basically giving out rep left and right
and of course, the rest of you that are always chillin in the shout box, you know who you are

Merry Christmas Everyone
lol idk:

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Congratulations on 5k yo that blue block is so sexy
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Congrats buddy!
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Congrats on 5k rep! Thanks for always being fun to talk to uwu, looking forward to you 6k milestone next:)
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Congrats on this bro now get your ass back in the sb
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Congrats on the 5k rep milestone
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Congrats man, im digging the blue, but the pink is next which is my fav hehe.

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Congrats, I remember you were only at 3k about a week ago
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Congrats on the rep milestone! You'll be at 10K in no time at this rate.
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