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With the new year quickly approaching and with 2020 being such a chaotic and hectic year, everone has big plans for 2021.

What are some of your new year's resolutions that you would like to attempt to keep?

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Push harder to achieve goals I set for 2020 that weren't possible to reach.
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Be allowed to go on Holiday....
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Main goal:
Buy my camry

Side goals:
Start lifting again
Get a promotion at work
Somehow get maze banned
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Probably just try and get back on a health and workout routine haha. Got super lazy this year!
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I have like almost no will power but I'll certainly try drink less..
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Focus more on academics.
Woulda been quit smoking the ganja, and to quit vaping but done that over the last couple of months.
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Get me some of that raw oxygen
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I want to focus more on keeping my health up and working out a few times a week.
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Be more consistent with working out, do better in school for my last term, help my family more, keep being an idiot on here
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