GeneralWhat acheivement are you most proud of on herePosted:

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I'm most proud of my gold gifter badge as I'm not the richest person but I love to give back to the site that I have enjoyed for so many years.
Although I can't compete with a lot of the crazy generous gifter on here I try my best.
What's your favourite acheivement or badge on here and Why?

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My greatest achievement has been becoming a well respected member of TheTechGame community.
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I like my Arcade King badge because its a dead part of the website lol
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nasa wroteMy greatest achievement has been becoming a well respected member of TheTechGame community.

Yeah I think you're reading the situation wrong....
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The one the only grand master don't @ me
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I'm most proud that I got a heart from Xbox on my wall!!
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I think my favorite badge is my V5 Launch one. I like it because it shows that I was active when V5 launched.
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Being a 10 year member. Huge flex
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That I only write in Cyan including in PM's

Dark & Serious gang
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just being in this little family with you guys
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