Who will win this?

Floyd Mayweather
91.30% (21 votes)
Logan Paul
8.70% (2 votes)

Total Votes: 23

GeneralMayweather vs Logan PaulPosted:

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"In February, Floyd Mayweather Jr. will be taking on YouTube star Logan Paul in an exhibition boxing match. Paul, who is 0-1 as a professional boxer after a loss to KSI, is continuing his boxing career against arguably the greatest boxer of all time. Mayweather boasts an impressive 50-0 professional record with 27 career knockouts."

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Maaaan, if anyone actually has the audacity to pick Paul...
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He knows he'll lose, but thats EASY money for him.
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I'd get my ass whooped for a million or 2 myself lmaaoo
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2020 wasnt finished yet!
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Logan is gonna get knocked out 100%
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Doing anything to stay relevant I guess
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just imagine the money youll make if you bet for paul to win and he actually does
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Don't get me wrong Logan got big but Mayweather has it all day.
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If Logan makes it all the way to the end he wins
If Logan does not get knocked out he wins.
If Logan just backs off and makes Floyd look stupid Logan wins

This fight is Floyds to lose if Logan goes into this and gets knocked out early no one would be shocked but Logan can win this in the eyes of everyone by just surviving. This should not be a contest not at all if Floyd fails to knockout Logan it will be an embarrassment to boxing.

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