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Hi, I am a novice, looking forward to receiving your attention. I want to share one thing is that I have been addicted to League of Legends since 22 years old. Until now I'm 28 years old, I still play this game to kill time when I have free time. Admittedly, this game is very attractive and engaging, it makes my thinking relax when I'm stressed out. This is the only game that makes me addicted, what about you, which game makes you addicted?

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Cod has always had me addicted in some kind of way haha
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NBA 2K and Madden have always been my addictions each year. Sadly.
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Definitely COD, but I hate league, it stresses me out instead of relaxing me LMAO. But to each their own.
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COD or Rocket League
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Battlefield Series and GTA Series

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Cod and GTA has made me addicted to games.
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I'd have to say Halo 3 or Mw2
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GTA , COD , Fifa and especially any Football Manager
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