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First of all, I apologise if this is in the wrong thread.
I am looking to purchase a laptop for my sister at Christmas.
I have absolutely no idea about laptops in terms of what's good for my money or not.

My sister will be using the laptop for school work, internet browsing, streaming films/videos.
I would also like her to be able to play ROBLOXs and Minecraft without lag (If possible with my budget.
My budget for the laptop would be around 300-500 GBP. I would be will to stretch a bit more on price if the deal is worth it.

Hoping I can get a great deal while in black Friday.

Thanks for viewing and helping if you did.
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Don't know a whole lot about laptops myself. It's not something I keep up to date on at all. That said, I can pretty much guarantee you won't get anything with a discrete GPU in that sort of budget, at least not anything reasonable. You're going to be limited to something with an iGPU.

So, Ryzen 4000 series is your best bet. You'll definitely get something with an R3 4300U within budget(on the lower end). From just a quick look on Currys/PCWorld, I found this, which is what I would probably consider with this budget;

So with Black Friday coming up, I'd just be keeping an eye out on all the usual sites(Amazon, Currys/PCWorld, etc) for something with those(or similar) specs. Worst case, you don't find a deal, then that HP laptop I linked looks pretty decent for 500 quid and should be enough to play ROBLOX and Minecraft comfortably at least.
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