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I was hoping someone on here could dig up some good prebuilt pc's for under $450. I don't know a ton about computers but I do know a little. It would be used for video editing and light gaming like Rocket League, Apex, CSGO, etc. It needs to run smoothly. Include a monitor in the budget if possible. If not, that's fine

Any info would help! I don't want to try and build one myself then screw it up somehow lmao
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I know a bit about gaming pc's as im in the middle of constructing one. The pc i linked below seems very decent to me for the price. It's a little bit over budget but it looks worth it i think.

Assuming your a casual gamer 5ms response time should be ok and I think the monitor is 60hz, I think any more would be pointless with the PC I linked but it should run alot few games nicely at 60fps.

I think what i linked would be a nice setup but maybe get a few more peoples opinions because there's people on here that know a hell of a lot more than me and can probably find better


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I would honestly give it a go yourself at building one, pre-builts for that price will have some pretty outdated hardware. Its really simple to put a PC together, watch plenty youtube tutorials, wear an anti static wristband if you have any fear of static electricity (risk of frying stuff as far as I am aware is very very low) and just go for it. Get some of the people on this forum to get you a part list together and you will get a lot of bang for your buck. Plenty cheap ryzen cpus on the market right now that would smoke the i7 In the pre-built linked above.
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