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Boss Services
Fastest Replies, Quality Service, Lowest Prices!

Dark Aether Service

Dark Aether (10mins)

Max Prestige Lvl 1000 (5mins)

Dark Aether and Max Lvl Prestige 1000 (10mins)

Dark Aether Tool

Lifetime $800

Lifetime (BTC) $750
Tool Pic

ZERO BANS OVER 1000+Customers Done
Discord: Boss#7777

All transaction must go through TTG
Join discord for service!

Warning LONG!!!

Nick wroteBoss has my 100% Vouch. What a smooth and clean transaction, and the service did provide exactly what I paid for!


Austin wroteHuge vouch for my boy Boss.
Cheapest, Easiest, Quickest lobbies around.

Nobody be afraid to purchase from him.
if you don't buy from him you're a scrub and don't know what you're doing with you're life.

I'll be sending all the homies to you bro.
1000000000% Legit and Easy.

Thanks again homie.

+REP and Thanked the Topic!

Lawsuits wroteI just wanted to thank you for your time and effort. The amount of time that we spent together wasn't very long but was worth every second, but best seller I've ever seen in my life. I wouldn't go to anyone else this guy is fast and the F'n best if I ever think of another lobby I wouldn't cause this guy will always come first no matter what! Like I said before thank you for your time =D <3 Deserves Trusted Seller!

Kingeaz__ wroteHOLY S*** 5 prestige's and 200 levels in not even 5 mins super legit

TakizBak wroteTried out the competition and customer service was really good not gona lie this dude and his team are the nicest dudes I met. Boss let me know if you want other hosts because you're a cool dude

ElTommo wroteMassive vouch for this service. I purchased lifetime before deciding to become a host. Boss and the other hosts are all lovely and really make this service stick out by having a really good system implemented in the discord as well.

QsTrix1234 wroteHuge vouch for me just got off work and everything is still great and has amazing service and I highly recommend him. No bs straight to the point and respectful guy 100%

Josh wroteBIG VOUCH for the homies. Got me and my friend in super fast and efficient. Do NOT hesitate doing business with Boss!

Thanks again G.

crazyian1000 wroteAmazing Service! Can't recommend it enough, the lifetime is so worth the purchase. At first, I was a little worried it would be difficult to get into games after the purchase yet they have 5+ hosts so I was able to get into games quickly. Surprisingly yesterday on Thanksgiving I was even able to get into multiple games on such a busy day for most people, these guys are putting in the time and effort to make this a no brainer purchase. Thanks again for this service! <3

Sludge wroteI hereby declare the legitimacy of this post and lobby to be immaculate.

I mean, it's exactly what I asked for a bit extra. Definite vouch, will be doing business again soon!

- BD

Huskii wroteThe fastest lobby I've every been in i got what I paid for definitely worth the money I recommend everyone to purchase from I will be in the future

shdw wroteQuickest service I've ever been in
Host was cool as **** and everything was easy.
Dudes are super cool & chill to work with. Great prices also. Thanks again!

TwistedModdingv6 wroteCan vouch for this, I've had lifetime for about 3 days now and yes, they are obviously still getting me in lobbys, along with that, the hosts are almost always listening just incase you want you die to swap weapons, pack a punch or anything else, would recommend these guys to anyone.

kenz wrotebiggest vouch got me in a lobby right away!! bought 300 levels and somehow ended up finishing at 539! great guy too all around 100% vouch

AkumaGio wroteQuick and easy. Legit as heck! Dont be shy to buy from boss;)

TMaaaack wroteHomie is legit, took about 10 minutes all together. ask him to rap while you get your kills

Vile1904 wroteVouch 100% real!

Jacob wroteeasy vouch

-Orange wroteLegit!

neckdeep wroteLegit just been in the lobby cheers lads!

Physique wroteLegit, messaged Boss he responded promptly in lobby as we speak, amazing service and worth every penny.

Thanks to my host Taki

Areyouaware20 wroteLegit

BitcoinBen wroteBrilliant service, very easy to understand and very helpful hosters. Many thanks.

Voyertra wrote100% legit fast and very friendly would def buy again!

Austin wroteBump for a Badass hoster



Leerbs wroteThis guy is legit. Highly recommend him.

AsianRice206 wroteSUPER LEGIT !! thank you for the great service

tbyerly99 wrotegreat lobby super fast

syrox7 wroteBest Service i've Ever had! Thanks Mate

Unease23 wroteLegit fast and cheap hit him up

PapaPerc wroteSuper legit, nice guy, really recommend it! Got to rank 1000 and got all my weapons maxed really fast!

CoD4_Mod_menus wrotegot maxed ! very cool guy and very quick, dudes got a massive PP - Roddy Ricch

Baisc wrotegot maxed quick and easy ! very cool guy

modmachine wroteLegit! Vouch for my guy. Was simple and easy and told me exactly what to do and when to stop. Would recommend!

Jordyy8930 wrote100% Legit, got me level 1000 real quick and super nice guy.

sveniyyi wroteGot prestige 7 level 1000 and max weapons! Great service, big vouch!!! Thanks again Boss!

Vaishnova wroteHard vouche for this man here, very friendly and has a coke can ****! Much appreciated!

Dionne wroteLegit guy! Got to prestige master super quickly.

Balicks wroteCraziest lobby I've ever been in, thanks alot.

Even gave me extra time, legend.

ZacIh wroteLegit! Super quick and easy!

cestro wroteVery legit! Awesome guy and awesome lobby. Thank you so much bro!!!!

Kazuto wroteVouch! Quick and easy lobby! Very friendly and professional!

RV wroteGreat and fast lobbies!

Good communication and responding!

By far the best deal out there!

Stoptryinghard wroteAwesome lobby, great communication! Got the lifetime, Thanks

ItsDaddi wroteFreaking awesome service!!!!!!!!
100 legit best service ive ever experienced on ttg

Finchyy wroteBought lobby from these few days ago love there little setup they have going lifetime is deffo worth give these a go

iJonathan69 wroteLEGIT!!!!

DB172 wrotepaid for lifetime access to the lobby and invited to a open spot within minutes
everything explain

highly recommend

Mattythefat wrote100% legit and very fast service!

Quick response too

SSID wroteLegit, and very smooth. worth the 9.99

SMOTeuchtar wroteCan't vouch for this guy enough excellent service professional as hell and absolutely killing it!! Thanks my dude

abomb311 wrotevouch for this. fair pricing and very fast and easy to follow instructions. give this guy a try

Mstawinski01 wroteBig PP, 100% and got my money's worth, even worked with me when my guns didn't stick the first time

MathewEmo wroteAwesome host very fast

Avrex wroteI can Vouch for these guys, hella legit and has very nice hosts. Got plague diamond for 3 categories in a week. Definitely will recommend to my friends.

BabyPlutoRS wroteCan vouch for these guys. Great service great people

oIONx1 wroteThank you for everything, quick and simple! You will go up don't worry!

donman1995 wrotefantastic service more or less straight in, vouch for cow good guy

Austin wroteVouch Vouch big peepee Vouch!

make this dude trusted already!

Supreme wroteLegit and vouch for this guy, pretty quick as well! Thanks homie

Scouty wroteCan't say this enough but this is a really excellent service. Did weekly zombies + Max level + Max weapon levels. 10/10.

Fakiezz wroteFor some reason, I was not scared to dump $50 on Boss. I got this vibe right off that he was legit and didn't mess around. The service from his hosts are actually some of the smoothest and fastest lobbies I've been in.

I will be purchasing more and more from this thread due to the consistency throughout the staff. You boys won't regret it.

Avrex wroteJust got a Multiplayer lobby from Boss and it went really well and highly efficient. I got all my weapons and level maxed. 10/10 would recommend.

XephLo wroteOG XEPHLO, HE IS LEGITTT AND HAS A BIG PEEPEE Prestige master in one hour!!!!!!!!

Recoverrr wroteOne of the best services i've EVER been in. Fast, Easy, Professional.

Thank you.


Mason101010 wroteHuge vouch for these guys! Super nice and great to play with!

Creative_HQ wroteI can vouch as I am a paid cool guy. All the host are chill people and invited me within seconds of payment. Already leveled about 6 times and got around 100+ Aether crystals in less than an hour. Very happy with the purchase. A+++

JesusHadSwagger wroteLegit, in the lobby at the moment

Mason101010 wroteHuge vouch for these guys! Super nice and great to play with!

OneCrayZFroG wrote This guy literally got me from level 1 to level 30 in 1 match.. and my mp5 leveled all the way up... so worth it

sgtdaddyxd wroteBest service out there for sure. They actually reply and act like they give a crap about everyone.

Quick and fast lobbies

TrumpGotStamina wroteVery legit good guy and gives you what he's selling

Devi8 wroteI gotta give a big vouch to Boss and his friends who are hosting these lobbies. Super cool professional people and I couldn't recommend this service more if youre in the market for modded lobbies!

CowOG wroteBig Vouch!

Paid & Quickly got into a game and did our thing.

Highly Recommend

Lh-vz wrotelegit as man. quick and smooth lobby. big vouch

Mossytyler wroteBig vouch. Just finished up a lobby!

Zixer wroteDudes legit, fast and AMAZING service! Would recommend

Vanhorn13 wroteHes legit after you pay you can keep doing for hours i recommend this guy 100%

-Sparks wroteVouch from me

My lobby was hosted by L$D, nice guy. Recommend 100%

Ogyella wroteGreat customer support and Lobbies are amazing thanks guys !

Noreaga_VVV wroteVouch! Pretty damn good service

thebioflu wroteVouch, nice people.

Korone wroteThanks for the lobby, it was fun

BingOhh wroteVouch! got the lobby! was amazing & extremly quick! got from round 0 to 150 in about an hour!!

wizkidezra wrote100% legit you can trust him and his crew they are solid people.

Yogo7890 wroteJust want to give a huge vouch to these guys paid for lifetime and was at work. 3 hours later was able to join a game within 15 mins. Extremely quick and realistically best lifetime price atm. Thank you

Disclaimer: Myself nor TTG take any responsibility for any bans or resets. Hacking/Glitching can and always will be a risk to your copy of the game. All Sales Are Final!

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Lobby is open
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I would love a vouch, I think your prices are fair as well. When is your next lobby?
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Ruins wroteI would love a vouch, I think your prices are fair as well. When is your next lobby?

Lobby running right now.

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hey if you still doing vouches ill do one , also maybe a potential customer, prices seem fair =) GLWS
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I would like to purchase the lifetime pass. How do I contact you I'm new to all this
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Oh this guys is smart your going to make your money back super fast doing this lol
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would like to purchase and get in ASAP how do i purchase and get in
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message sent to purchase a lifetime from you
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DB172 wrotemessage sent to purchase a lifetime from you

Enjoy the lobby youre all good!
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