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Hi TTG Community

Well, by my registeration date, I've been a member for 2 years now

I didn't become active on site until January 2020

From January, I have chatted to a lot of members on the shoutbox
which I can call my TTG community friends

From the top of my head and in no particular order....

Sean, Doug, 40, 2Pac, RS, Joey, Ash, RepBandit, G6, Ryan, Tasty, Jose,
Maze, Aaron, CtrlAltDelete, HighRoss and others (You know who you are)

Chat to you all on the shoutbox

The Following 10 Users Say Thank You to CalicoReidso For This Useful Post:

Doug (11-23-2020), Goodfellas (11-21-2020), Federation (11-21-2020), Ow3n (11-19-2020), Jose (11-17-2020), 2Pac (11-17-2020), -187 (11-17-2020), Tasty (11-17-2020), Nagisa (11-17-2020), Scizor (11-17-2020)
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grats on 2 years g
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Congratulations Calico!!! I always love talking to you on here You're a great member and its hard to believe you've only been on here that long!

Looking forward to many more SB shenanigan's with you
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What a great milestone ! Congrats a little bummed to not see my name up there but it's cool, I'm new. I'll let it slide this time ;)
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Congrats brotha~
Your an awesome Member and awesome Friend.
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ayeeeee congrats bro ! I still got a lot to go to make my first year here hehe
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  • Summer 2020
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Grats on the 2 years
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  • E3 2020
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Grats on 2 years man!
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Congrats on the 2 years
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