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Must have two controllers and a mic

Please don't message me if your going to leave after one game

Prestige within the same hour !

We can do domination or search boosting let me know , mainly going for domination boosting , over 200 kills per game and over 300k xp...since it's double xp now you can get prestige same game or two games

Message my Xbox account


Only inviting players till I reach master prestige & only to those that'll stick around for an hour or more

If I don't reply back to you I'll invite you when there's room so please message me , don't invite me cause I won't be able to invite ya if there's room

I will not start inviting unless I have a couple people at the same time wanting to play , don't want to keep you waiting for players to join

I host every morning 6am eastern time till whatever time everyone leaves / can't find players at the moment

6 people is needed to do this all with 2 controllers and a mic
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Messaged you on Xbox
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How many u need?
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Im game for this, messaged
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