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I'm sure people have asked this question but I can't find an answer to it. I prestiged last night and it's showing my current level at 6. After I finish a match it's telling me my level is 17, it only shows me as level 6 in game though. Anyone know an answer to this?

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Hey man!

Very common bug at the moment I'm experiencing myself.

If you look at Reddit there's hundreds of posts about it, I'm level 27 myself but only shows me as level 11.
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I've recently read on Twitter that once you prestige, every level after that is 55k xp, kinda like how the seasonal levels worked in Modern Warfare.

While it shows you as a lower level, the level you see in After Action Report is the level you'd be if you weren't prestiged.

I'm Level 25 Prestige 1 but it says level 42 after every game.
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So I figured it out I spoke to someone that's 3rd level 95 earlier, the level it displays is truly your level so if it's showing for example, I'm 1st prestige level 20 but my level in game shows 37 so the level it really shows when you're in a pre game lobby it's really your level so I'm actually level 20. It's glitched for some reason as if you've reset your stats but you haven't lol it's hard to explain but if it's showing level 6 that's your real level! Hope this helped
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