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With it being Friday the 13th I didn't think too much of today being a good one, I signed up to receive email notification from Walmart when the Series X went back into stock and I was lucky enough to secure my console today and I'm more than happy. I was trying all week to get one. So if your looking to secure a next gen console I would definitely keep an look out on all major retailer websites.
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They keep getting more stock than they sell right out again like you said its just a matter of keeping an eye on retailers and getting the timing right. I hope those that picked up 10s of consoles to resell get stuck with them that's the dream.
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Either need crazy luck or crazy proxies. Good luck to everyone else!
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Ryx wroteEither need crazy luck or crazy proxies. Good luck to everyone else!

both me and my friend managed to get one the second they came in stock by using: Forums/t=7804485/how-to-get-xbox-...assle.html

honestly probably the easiest way to get it, prior to that I was refreshing sites I knew would get stock but that's tiring, with the thread I linked it's rather simple because you get notifcations everywhere.

It kinda sucks that they're being bought with bots and selling out instantly, but not much we can do about that, hopefully they'll get some steady stock soon enough that will be easy to obtain

the problem with push notifcations is they're not always right on time < with retailers such as Walmart, etc I signed up for Game, Argos and many of others and I could never get one because by the time I was told I could it was sold out, lucky for me I got mine the second it got restocked on Amazon.

but regardless of how you're trying to obtain it, Good Luck!
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Are stores even getting physical stock? That would seem like the best option at this moment. If you call and get a nice person they might be able to provide you with times and such and you could score. Like a member mentioned above I hope everyone mass buying gets stick with them. I guess the worst that will happen is they'd sell at normal price
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The most painful experience was having the XBOX disappear from my cart
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