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Hello everyone, my thoughts are overwhelming me so figured I'd get some opinions.

I'm wanting to open up my own business. Not necessarily a stone and mortar business where you can walk through the front doors and order but more like a online business.

My plans are to start hydro dipping. From car parts to Controllers I want to do it all. I know there are plenty of very good hydro dipping companies out there that have been doing it for a long time. So my main question is, is how do I get customers where no one knows my name? I've been doing it as a hobby for a little bit but want to take it to the next level. Any feedback on this will be greatly appreciated it. If you have a business of your own how did you get started and how did you get customers?
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advertising is key,

you gotta spend money to make money, get buying ads, it can be on anything, Facebook, Instagram pages, youtube ads etc
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