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Hello everyone again, i doubt any of you remember me, i used to pull out the RGH and host for people in 2015 ish. Ive been busy since then, is the 360 modding era still a thing? This site was where it was at back then, hope everyone is well.

If anyone would be kind to walk me through RGH/JTAG again it'd be greatly appreciated, im a little rusty. Send me a PM.

Yall stay up and positive!

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That scene is dead bro you dont need want to get back into the modding scene.

My RGH has sat in corner for 2 years lol
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Welcome back!!
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Welcome back m8!
if your still interested into getting back into RGH
message Rodent
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welcome back
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Welcome back!
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Welcome back
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Welcome back to TTG
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Welcome back !!
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Welcome back brother.
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