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Thats my new parts bought for my upgrade.
New parts
CPU - AMD Ryzen 5 3600
Motherboard - MSI B450m Mortar Max matx
RAM - Crucial Ballistix RGB 3000mhz DDR4 2x8gb
CPU cooler - Scythe Mugen 5 black RGB air cooler - 120mm

Existing parts
PSU - TSXFX 450W 80+ Bronze certified.
GPU - Radeon Powercolor Red devil RX580 8GB

Question i have is will i have to format my SSD and re-install windows? Or can i just bang everything back together and load up no bother? I have a bootable usb ready anyway but rather not have to reinstall everything considering the new cod is round the corner and dont think my mobo will be here till next saturday. Anyway help would be appreciated. Cheers
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I think you can create a new partition, put everything you want to keep onto there and format your old partition to re-install windows.
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Depending on Windows honestly. I've had luck and I will call it luck with hot swapping SSD's with Windows on it and for it to just work.

What I'd recommend is installing the SSD and see if it boots. Remember to uninstall your old drivers once booted. If it doesn't boot, windows will ask you to recover it. You can then put the USB in and re-install whilst keeping your files.
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Just as an update, PC is together, turned it on, it installed required drivers for the new hardware, rebooted and loaded up windows as if nothing had happened. All is well. Cheers.
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