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Just wondering what everyone's opinions/how the feel about lockdown starting from Thursday.

What is everyone's coping methods, what will you do to pass the time?

I myself will be spending a lot of time on PlayStation again. Grinding games and watching Netflix series seemed to pass the time last lockdown.

How's everyone feeling?
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Going to work since i'm allowed to, they're letting construction carry on so i'll be going to work everyday
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I'm in hospitality so will be getting furlough yet again.

But hopefully they will allow fishing still which is looking promising as angling trust are working hard to make it happen!

If not I'll be playing PlayStation and jacking off again.
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I'm in my own office so I'm pretty secluded anyway, at least now I can get on with my shit and not get bothered if the rest of the place isn't in.

But I'll be working through it once again..
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I'm going to Liverpool to help with the corona tests
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It's honestly terrible. The shoutbox is going to be filled with those UK Dweebs for a whole month
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964 wroteGoing to work since i'm allowed to, they're letting construction carry on so i'll be going to work everyday
same bro i'm so glad
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It's me your friendly local builder.
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As it was from the beginning - going to work as usual
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Im Struggling i work from home but its affecting my mental health alot
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