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Built my pc in 2015 with the help from this form now after lockdown ect iv goten back into using it quite alot and a few mates have also got pcs.

Therefore looking to upgrade this build to a more modern spec (im happy with my peripherals) on a budget of lets say £400 gbp.
I wont be upgrading immediately so if theres any major advancements coming up let me know and ill hold off.

Current build:

Im running win 10 now. And have overclocked both my cpu and gpu.

I mainly play cod 4 cj (requires 500fps sometimes which i cant get). Fallout 4, csgo ect but also want to run cyberpunk 2077 without a problem.

Also whats the best way to get rid of older pc parts is there any buyback schemes? Or id there a good market for 2nd hand stuff?

Thanks my dudes
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A GPU upgrade is going to be your best option for higher FPS, so that's where I'd start. CPU is starting to show it's age, could do with an upgrade, but you won't get a CPU/Mobo/RAM upgrade as well as a GPU for £400, at least not anything that's worth upgrading to.

You could maybe grab a used i7-4770k/4790k or something to get a little extra life out of your current socket but to be honest, at this point, I'd just hold off and keep the i5 until you can do a full socket upgrade.

So, for GPU, if you don't mind waiting a bit, then I'd probably be on the lookout for AMD and NVidia's upcoming £400ish GPU's. So, like an RTX 3060(Ti) or RX 6700(XT). No official announcements of these yet though, so no idea how long they'll be. Currently, you would be looking at an RTX 2060 Super in the £400 class, but that pricing is too close to RTX 3070/RX 6800 to make sense since the 2060 Super is a significantly slower GPU.
The RTX 3060(Ti)/RX 6700(XT) that are likely to replace the 2060 Super are probably going to offer around RTX 2070 Super/2080 performance I would imagine.
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