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I'm building a flight simulator which will have 6 monitors. 3) 55" 4K televisions will be for 190 degree fov and 3) 15" 1080p touchscreen monitors will be avionics/gauges etc so i was thinking of doing an nvidia rtx 3070 for the 55" 4K TVs what would you all recommend as a compatible cheaper 2nd graphics card for the 3 15" touchscreens or would the 3070 be able to run all 6 somehow (I'm a novice at computer building so forgive my lack of knowledge on the subject.) also if you have any recommendations on a motherboard that would accommodate both graphics cards. Looking for something that doesn't break the bank but works well. Will be running x plane 11 until Microsoft flight simulator 2020 has a good option for multi screen compatibility.
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Its entirely dependent on what settings you want to run the game at and what frame rate. If you want high settings at 4k, with 60fps 3070 isn't gonna do anything.

You should be looking at rtx 3090.

6 monitors is a lot. You would probably need another card as I am not sure if you can even get a card with 6 ports for video output.
However, sli / nvidia nvlink isn't great for gaming and is largely a waste of time and money, and sli with different cards has its own issues.

In all honesty, what you want isn't really possible at a sensible frame rate/setting selection.

You should either just get an ulra wide monitor or wait for VR support. I assume you want the large screens because you want a full setup for immersion and will be seated decently far away.

Any PC flight simulator setup will break the bank.
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