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What are some simple halloween costume ideas ? Or what have you dressed up as in the past ?
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Feel like there will be a lot of Among Us costumes this year, for those that let their kids out. Costume iteslf won't be hard to make, in general, as all you'd need is a basic hazmat styled suit colored and a backpack formed around the back.
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Pumpkin lol
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Casper the ghost lol
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Best costume idea in my opinion is a good old Sheet with some holes for eyes ... cant beat old school that outfit was the scariest thing in the world.
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clown loads of people are scared of clowns
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An easy idea is just to buy one of those jumpsuits, where you don't have to do anything besides put it on. Like you can literally find everything from a deer costume to a ketchup bottle costume. They're funny, but can be kinda bulky.

I was thinking of dressing up as a "dad" this Halloween. Like wearing some jean short shorts, white socks above my ankles, new balances. Something like this would be super easy if you have this stuff lying around lmao.

Just throwing this stuff out there bahaha.

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