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So I'm thinking to buy two games right now. But I need some help from people who have played them.

How do people feel about Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Assassins Creed Odyssey?

Feedback would be great, thanks!
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Ghost Recon: Wildlands had a very similar style to the first one that came out which I believe was Breakpoint? I wasn't a fan, it just seemed like a remake of the first one, very repetitive. As for Assassins Creed Odyssey, I have not played that but all the Assassins Creeds that I've played have been great!
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I suggest you to go with Assassins Creed Odyssey. I have played the game and it really liked it. The combat is extremely fun and actually requires skill and timing rather than bashing a counter button. The customization from new weapons to Armour, to ship designs, to your crew, makes the progression and the entire game that much more fun to play. If you want another game to play in few weeks time then I suggest you Cyberpunk 2077 which is releasing on 10th December 2020 for r Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S and should be a cracker.
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you can check out the pros and cons of Assassins Creed Odyssey in this link:
and about the Ghost Recon: Wildlands, this one gives a lot of reviews
You can try those two and decide
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Check this out!!
This is quite an interesting game.

Check the game out at:

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