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it is not my intention to create fear , but I went to look at a solar app to see what happened on December 21 with the planets around us, but then I only see that jupiter and saturn are on 1 line In our suggestion while being told that all planets would be aligned.
but now it comes: I can see a comet coming very close to the earth. it seems as if it grazes the earth on December 21?

the comet is called "Machholz"

Is this true?

Look at the dates below the photo

This is the "Solar System Scope" app, search for "comets" then "14IP / Machholz" and enter your date in December 21st

The last picture is the current situation when we look north
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Fear? This is potentially the best news I have heard all year!
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Maybe this is the final step of 2020, bringing us element 115. I honestly wouldn't be surprised with anything anymore.
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