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I am looking for some suggestions ob building a new pc.

What is your budget and currency?

What will you use the PC for?
Running code in parallel (i.e. more threads mean faster execution time), working with 3D modeling (Autodesk Inventor), and perhaps occasionally for gaming (League of Legends,...)

Do you need a monitor? If not, what monitor(s) will you be using?
I need a monitor

Do you need a keyboard, mouse, or other peripherals?

Do you need an operating system?
No, I already have Windows 10 activation key

Will you overclock?

Anything else we should know?
If possible, I would like to have 3 sets of build (~$1000, ~$1500, ~$2000) just to be able to compare prices.

Thank you.
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Just an FYI Ryzen 5xxx drops soon. It may be worth waiting for the release before building.
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Hi Gary,

That is what I have in mind as well. I just want to gauge what my build should be at least for now. Then, when the new processors are out, I can see if it makes sense to get the newer one or at least get a price cut on the older one.
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AMD is the hot ticket these days, and with the new processor coming out soon,
it may be the better choice, if only because the AM4 socket will be used. I built
instead of waited, and went with an x570 MB because it will be easily upgradeable
if I want to go to the 5xxx chip in the future. The AMD 3800x chip has been working
very well running Power Director with 32GB 3200 ram, as well as MSFS 2020.
I went with the 2070 Super GPU.... So far, I do not regret building with 'previous gen'
parts. I know there's room for upgrading when time comes, and I've avoided the
price gouging/waiting. ~$1800 for my build w/ Windows 10 Good luck with your build.
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Wait for Ryzen 5000 CPU's to be available to purchase at least. Ryzen 3000 pricing is iffy right now anyway, so if you're spending $1500 there's no reason not to wait for an R5 5600X or R7 5800X IMO.

Also, RTX 3070 should be available in a few days(if there's any stock) and AMD are announcing Navi 2 GPU's in 2 days. Again, with a budget of $1500, you should absolutely be waiting on those.
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